Authentic Shawl – The True Accessory

Pavlovsky Posad Wool Shawls are created in the Pavlovo Posad mill that’s a little town outside Moscow. Factory was around since 1812. Up until now the Postsecondary mill produces a very broad selection of wool shawls and scarves, favored by ladies russian shawls. Traditionally, women use them or use them. A few patterns employed for the production of outerwear and are motivated by Rusian design theories.

Wool shawls are intended to provide elegance and originality’s form to a girl. Organic silk shawls and Styles of yarn derive from customs of different areas of Russia. The shawls are made and gives softness and high quality of a material, provides to some product look and is benefit! The shawl warms you in chilly weather, in a warm season the woolen fibre will help your skin”to breathe”.

Foe certain, you’ll discover the richest assortment of Russian Pavlovo Posad wool shawls that are grouped with the dimensions: Wool shawls 72cm (18″) are often employed as head scarves, Wool shawls 89cm (35″) may be worn as headwear in addition to shoulder shawls, Wool shawls 125cm (49″) and Wool shawls 146cm (57″) are intended to decorate women’s shoulders. Particular category”Dense wool shawls” reveals the many gorgeous designs and greatest wool quality.

Scarves are created from 100% pure silk РCrepe De Chine Silk, Crepe De Chine and Satin Silk, Crepe Georgette Silk. Wool shawls hand-painted at Pavlovsky Posad area keep you warm in chilly days and will add a touch of sophistication to your look.